In the rapidly rejuvenating heart of the popular Kalamaja area, a new cozy six-apartment building will soon be completed at the Tööstuse street. Compact apartments  are suitable for you who know your values and appreciate design and cozy life in the middle of the vibrant city.

The architecture of the most wooden buildings of the area dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, whereas the most unique buildings are of the Tallinn type from the 1920s and 1930s. Kalamaja has developed into a cosy residential district with slightly bohemian wooden houses and well-tended parks close to the sea. This environment combines the best features of urban and rural life with the strong community life.

For nature-lovers there is the Gulf of Tallinn’s magnificent coastline while adrenaline fans can explore the Paljassaare peninsula and the deserted Patarei prison complex.

The building layout is such that the quieter residential spaces are located in the rear part of the courtyard.

The house mergers the privacy of Kalamaja and the green courtyard that will include a children’s playground. The building’s architectural solution is a balance between the area’s values and influences of modern architecture.