Kalamaja belongs to the North Tallinn administrative area and has cultural and environmental value. Of all other districts, North Tallinn is best connected to the sea – it has 20 km of coastline and 11 harbours. North Tallinn is one of the fastest developing districts in the Estonian capital city. Because of its architectural uniqueness and integrity, the Kalamaja area is designated as built-up area of cultural and environmental value in the Tallinn masterplan.

All that you need is only a walk away from here. Experiences to the senses and tastebuds ranging from street cafes to top-notch restaurants, and from street artists to world-class exhibitions or theatre halls. The distinctive-looking Arsenal shopping center is also in the proximity of the Tööstuse 16 residential building. With its food stores, restaurants and leisure facilities, this stylish red-brick building that is more than 100 years old is the new pull center of North Tallinn.